What is Munj?

Munj Ceremony has several names -Thread, Vrat-Bandhan, Upanayana.
Munj or threading ceremony is one of the traditional services which are performed when a student has to leave his house and enter gurukul to take teaching lessons from the guru.
In historic days, at the age of 8, the students used to go to gurukul, and this ceremony indicated the beginning of formal education and other skills. Munj ceremony is commonly performed between the age of 8 years and 11 years. Then The student needs to stay in the gurukul for about 9 to 12 years of rigorous education in one of these three areas arts, administration or religion.
A human being is born twice according to the Hindu religion, once through the womb of his mother, and the other is intellectual birth.
The boy gets a holy thread during the ritual that symbolizes three goddess trinities Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Parvati.
It indicates that the boy is ready to take the responsibilities of educational duties, face new challenges, accept to protecting himself and his family.
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How to organize the Munj Ceremony?


For Maharashtrian Brahmins, Munj is also known as WEDDING. Now even people like to celebrate it with a simple traditional Munj way to make Munj Event more memorable and lavish the moment. Event day is the special day for all, it involves “Choulkarma” (shaving the child’s or Batu’s head), followed by “Abhyangsnana” Mom bathes the son in this ritual for the last moment before moving out from home for studies


In “Matrubhojan”, Mom feeds her boy for the last moment before moving for studies from home. This part includes “Astavarga” where eight children of the same age as the Batu or those who have already had their Munj (thread ceremony) are invited to have the dinner together with the Batu. Usually, the meal is quite easy, and it includes 5 types of delicious sweets.
The rituals are conducted by the priests after Matrubhojan and “Mangalashtaka” takes place where Garlands are exchanged between Father and Son. In this, the Father informs him “Gayatri Mantra’s (holy chant).”
This is a truly amazing time to be seen by the parents. With live music accompanied by dhol as we have in the wedding enhances the hall’s surroundings.


Should have experienced Guruji/Pandit. At least 5+ years of experience.
Ensure that they have completed the necessary Vedic or Yagnik studies.
Guruji/Pandit must be able to perform and explain the Puja rituals in detail.
You can celebrate the event in theme, but most of the brahmin celebrates it in the Peshwai theme. It gives the complete visualization of the traditional Munj ceremony.
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