Make ceremony memorable for the mother and her baby

Baby shower ceremony for an expecting mother is usually conducted in the seventh or nine months of the gestation period. It is of utmost importance in the Maharashtrian culture where an auspicious day is chosen for a special Puja. Women attending the ceremony bring in scrumptious traditional delicacies to quench the food cravings of an expecting mother. Certain traditional rituals such as Haldi Kumkum are also held during the ceremony. The expecting mother is made to feel special as she is offered sarees as gifts, along with mouth-watering sweets and savories, bangles and perfume, jewelry, flowers, and fruits, etc. The Baby Shower ceremony is colloquially, also known as Oti Bharan in some parts of Maharashtra. Here are few pointers to make the Dohale Jevan event a memorable one for the mother.

The Event Theme

Set up a unique theme to celebrate the baby shower event in a positive way. There are ample themes for you to try, such as Sunrise, Moonlight, Kingdom, etc. to decorate the venue. Get the best Baby Shower planner in Pune on board to innovate on the theme and surprise the expecting mother. Take special and safe care in setting up the dais for the mother where she is made to sit on a swing or an elaborate sofa. Ornate the dais with plenty of natural flowers to make it look colorful and extravagant. You can also rope in a female emcee to host the event and entertain the women guests.

Music, Dance, and Food

A gathering of Maharashtrian women in Paithani sarees enjoys Lavani. Arrange for some popular Marathi music and get the guests to perform some Lavani. Pune is a vibrant city, so a Baby Shower Planner in Pune will help you make the event a mesmerizing one. Take special care of the food menu by including authenticly curated and delicious food items such as the Sabudana Vade, Kadhi Pakoda, Koshimbir, Puran Poli, Varan Bhaat, Dalimbi Bhaat, Ukadiche Modak, etc. The guests will love the baby shower menu and enjoy the scrumptious food.

Props and Games

A female emcee can be hired for the baby shower celebration in Pune. Few entertaining games such as guessing whether the baby is a boy or a girl, writing the best wishes for the arrival of an impending baby, get together games, etc. will elevate the fun quotient of the Baby Shower ceremony. The expecting mother can be adorned with a Mother-to-be sash. Additionally, several selfie props for the relationships to be developed with the arrival of the baby such as Kaaki, Maavshi, Taai, etc. can be arranged for the guests. These ideas will surely make the baby shower event a successful one.


Women attending the ceremony may be given some return gifts as a token of gratitude for their warm wishes to the mother and the baby. It is best to select certain return gift items such as kitchen utensils, cutely or crockery, etc. as a symbol of the baby shower ceremony. Make sure that every married woman is given the traditional Haldi Kumkum during the baby shower ceremony.

I hope you have a fair conception about how you should go about prepping up for an apt naming ceremony package. Share your vibes on what more you can do to arrange a baby shower decoration.